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Milestone Lists

Milestone List

Your Milestone List should evolve the type of person you are into better version of your current self. These don’t just make you interesting they make you credible.

Creating Your List

Reasonablly Ridiculous

Go Big or Go Home

Document the Shit Out of It

My Milestone List

Checked Off Already!

Thanks to list making I have been able to check off the following before I turn 35

– Learn an Instrument (Guitar)

– Publish a Book (Winemakers Trilogy)

– Oen an International Business (Argentina)

– Meet the President (G W Bush)

– Win a Body Building Comp. (Mr. Iron City)

– Guest Speak at a Major Event (Sweden)

– Make My Country Proud (Mr. USA 2008/2010)

– Be a Best Man (My Brother Detroit)

– Become My Own Boss (2014)

– Make Seven Figure in One Year (2016)

– Represent a Brand (Molly Dooker)

– Save Someones Life (2013)

– Prove to Myself that LFSM Works (2015)

– Sell My Art (2012)

– Sell My Photography (2013)

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