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Milestone Lists

Milestone List

Your Milestone List should evolve the type of person you are into better version of your current self. These don’t just make you interesting they make you credible.

Creating Your List

Reasonablly Ridiculous

Go Big or Go Home

Document Everything

My Milestone List

Learn a Second Language

Very disappointed I haven’t already done this especially living in Miami Beach where English is the second Language.

Visit All 7 Continents

My grandmother always wanted to and she made it to six… Ill make it to seven and get a picture with an emperor penguin in a tuxedo to honor her.

Write a Screen Play

Publishing my first book was something I never thought I would do. Three books later and three more on the way Im going to try a screenplay to mix it up next.

Record a Song

With a Johnny cash’s voice, I’ll try for something mellow when I find the time.

See The 7 Natural Wonders of the World

Experiencing the best of what nature has to offer stimulates travel, propagates wonder and livens up any list!

Take A Trip Around the World

Why not. I go half way once a year so why not finish the circle!

Display Art at Art Basel

Was both an artist and art collector this stage is where the big boys play… lets see what they think of some taxidermic art pieces.

Run for an Elected Office

My end goal has always been rooted in politics… the ultimate marketing game.

Hunt Africa’s Big Five

As a hunter this has always been a dream and Im 3/5 of the way there.

Make A Hole in One

My grandfather had 7 fingers due to the coal mine and was a scratch golfer. He came within millimeters of a hole in one but never got there. Im going to try for it in his honor.

Complete A Billfish Slam

Anyone who fishes on a grand scale knows that completing the billfish slam is a huge achievement… Im currently working my way through it!

Checked Off Already!

Thanks to list making I have been able to check off the following before I turn 35

– Learn an Instrument (Guitar)

– Publish a Book (Winemakers Trilogy)

– Oen an International Business (Argentina)

– Meet the President (G W Bush)

– Win a Body Building Comp. (Mr. Iron City)

– Guest Speak at a Major Event (Sweden)

– Make My Country Proud (Mr. USA 2008/2010)

– Be a Best Man (My Brother Detroit)

– Become My Own Boss (2014)

– Make Seven Figure in One Year (2016)

– Represent a Brand (Molly Dooker)

– Save Someones Life (2013)

– Prove to Myself that LFSM Works (2015)

– Sell My Art (2012)

– Sell My Photography (2013)

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