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LIFE Decrees 5

Just When You Think You Made It, Look Up

The second you settle for normality, you sacrifice humanity.

Understanding that personal evolution is a continuous process that never ends results in attaining your continually upgraded self.

My father gave me the best piece of advice before one of my hockey games when I was twelve. “Son no matter how big or strong or fast or smart you are, there is always someone who will better if you let them.”

Just because you succeed at something doesn’t mean the journey is over. It means the next one begins. Constantly improve yourself on every level.

To make it relative, who reading this can remember being so happy when they upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5? Now, who reading this could be satisfied with an iPhone 5 right now?

Every goal you reach should birth two more. Every milestone you accomplish should lead to several more miles of blood, sweat, and tears ahead of you.

The only time I will allow myself to settle for where I am is when I am fucked neatly in a coffin with a smile on my face.

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