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LIFE Decrees 4

Never Be Afraid to Fail

The fear of failure is the lead weight holding you back from stepping into your excellence.

Identifying the steps to conquer fear is paramount to epicness.

The second you start asking yourself “But what if this doesn’t work?” is the second you will never truly succeed.

Risk taking has shaped our modern worlds current glory. Columbus didn’t ask himself “But what if?” before he sailed nor did Steve Jobs before he created. Their confidence in their skills, abilities, determination, and uniqueness allowed them to think outside the perceived box and forever shape the world for the better.

I never ask this question nor will I ever because the moment I do, I begin to taint true innovation with a pessimistic skepticism.

Believe, I mean really believe, that you, no matter what, can build an empire based on your abilities and personality alone.

My response to anyone about anything I don’t know is “I’ll figure it out.” Figuring it out is how lifestyles are evolved.

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