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Make a List and Check it Off Twice

Holding yourself accountable is the first step towards creating a legacy.

Discover how list creation can help force your hand into living the fullest life possible.

I created my first list when I turned 21 living it up as an undergrad, “Top Ten I Want To Do Before I Die”. Yes, a bucket list.

By the time I turned 31, I had accomplished 15 things from that list and hope to check off a thousand more. This goes to show you that having set goals (lists) can help addict you into a life consumed with the need to devour more and more new experiences.

A key to obtaining this addiction is to set goals that are both short and long term. Ones that can be accomplished in your lifetime if you consistently work towards them in various amounts of time.

Short term goals help quench our thirst as we move closer and closer to checking off the harder, long term ones. Be smart but incredibly greedy when creating your lists, making sure to match them to your location, finances, and physical abilities to start out with. As you progress, your short term goals should be met and new ones placed in their wake.

See LIFE LISTS for how to develop your goals.

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