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Practice What You Preach

If you demand excellence then you damn well better be excellent.

Identify who you are first so you can learn how to achieve what your desire second.

I’m a fun person. I am involved in charities. I believe in health living.

These types of sentences are claims, that if not backed up by real live actual living, devolve into lies.

Are you fun? are you an adventurer? Are you living healthy?

I encourage you to write down or record who you are in three sentences, then go back and one by one dissect if you are who you say you are.

See if the decisions you make in life have matched up with yout description. Does the path you have already taken seem to lead to you being healthy? Fun? An adventurer?

If not ask yourself again and this time be honest no matter how hard it may be for some of you. Personal growth needs to start somewhere and rock the bottom is as good as any to begin.

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