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Life’s Too Short
to be Normal

      T. Rex Gotta Hunt is a philosophy rooted in the belief that LIFE is graded not on how much one accumulates but instead how much one accomplishes on their beautiful journey to the great beyond.

After all LIFE is the game we all end in second place.

Discover how to grab your LIFE by the balls and truly start living.

My Guide to Balls Deep Living

T. Rex Gotta Hunt is my answer to the question “What’s the Purpose of Life?”

Its an ideology that LYFE has to have a reason for taking place and figuring out what the reason is the magic behind actually living.

Through the combining of medical knowledge, lifestyle adjustments, physical and nutritional augmentations, and a philosophical outlook on how to approach life, T. Rex Gotta Hunt is the No Bullshit answer to Balls Deep Living.

In depth diagnostic testing helps create customized LYFE Upgrade Systems that are tailored to optimize your  biochemistry on all levels. Once your body is harmonized your mind is free to immerses itself in the world with an enhanced version of its former self. A new lease on life and a better chance to make it work for you.

This is for those looking to finally take the extra step towards a fully loaded LYFE.

“Life should be so sweet it gives you diabetes.”  ~Dr. Ivan Rusilko

LYFE Upgrade System


The Five Primal Decrees

Work Hard = Get Rewarded

Get Rewarded = Play Hard

Play Hard = Finally Live Life


Five ways to ensure you are living Balls Deep

The Lists

Set a Goal

Make it Known

Check it Off the Fucking List


Holding YOURSELF accountable is the only way to truly accomplish living. 

Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

~ Hunter S. Thompson

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